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It’s easy to find the best modeling agencies in the west Michigan area because there are great options to choose from. Ask yourself: What modeling agency will satisfy my needs the best? or How much modeling do I want to do in the next 2 years?

These may seem like nominal questions, but they are important when making a decision. The great thing about Modeling Grand Rapids is that we help you find exactly the company or agency that you want in order to accomplish your goals.

Modeling is glamorous and lucrative and for the past few years, many people have had the urge to start a modeling career. Do you have what it takes to smile for the camera and conquer those long hours under bright lights? Well, if you want to be recognized in the modeling world, you only need to believe in yourself and you’ll make it. Becoming a model can be difficult or easy depending on whom you associate yourself with and how you approach it. What you need to understand is that modeling is a business that requires craft, dedication and hard work. If you are an aspiring model, you can fulfill your dream by working hard and smart and because we care so much about you, here is the best way to become a model.

1. Maintain your physical appearanceIf you want to succeed in the modeling industry, you must be willing to maintain your appearance and look healthy and well-groomed. For instance, wash your face twice a day in the morning and at night, wash your makeup off before retiring to bed, and exfoliate once a week as this will keep your skin clear and glowing. Keep your hair shiny and healthy and most importantly, wear clothes that match the modeling niche you’re interested in.

2. Make your Portfolio picture perfect Any aspiring model should have a modeling portfolio that acts like their resume. Have a professional photographer to take a tip-top headshot of you in a nice natural light with few distractions in the photo. You should have decent clothing with little to no makeup and simple hair. In other words, you should look simple and natural. Many people tend to ask, why should I look simple yet I can put on the best hair, makeup to look prettier? Well, the answer to that question is that most modeling agencies don’t like photoshopped pictures, fancy hairstyles, makeup, or overdone looks. They want to see how you look in a raw state showing a range of expression in front of a camera. If you want your agency not to say no after going through your portfolio, consider a body shot, a headshot, and profile shots.

3. Find a good and legitimate modeling agenciesIf you want to be a successful model, find a good agency to oversee your career. Major cities have multiple agencies and most of them are open are always searching for new talents. Take your time and research online to find more about the agency you are willing to work with. Finding a legitimate modeling agency is not a walk in the park but you should be able to distinguish between agencies that are determined to fulfill your dream from the one that wants to use you for their own benefits. A good agency should never ask for money up front or put you in compromising or dangerous situations but should understand your personal needs and feelings and most importantly lift you up.

4. Be prepared for a difficult roadThe modeling world is very competitive and having a pretty look does not mean you’ll succeed as a model. Besides good-looking, modeling requires you to meet the needs of a specific job and this means that one agency might not see what they want in you but you could have everything another agency is looking for. Most importantly, you must be aware of what you’re getting yourself into. If you’re a girl aspiring to be a model, you might come across wrong agencies who ask you to sacrifice your beliefs, integrity or even morals in order to oversee your career. Also, you might be asked to change your looks such as wearing an outfit you don’t like, coloring or cutting down your hair to look the way they want. Also, you might have to sacrifice your leisure and family as you might have to travel for long distance just for one shot. As a rule of thumb, persevere, be patient, keep your values and you’ll have a successful modeling career.

5. Practice! Practice! Practice!Modeling is just like any other career which must be taken seriously and if you want to succeed, you must be willing to get more practice. In most cases, agencies request you to submit your best photos and fill out paperwork for review and when they call you for a meet and greet, be yourself, keep your natural look casual and be confident. If you want to carry the day, go to a modeling school and learn poise and different hair techniques. As an added advantage, you can join acting workshops and classes where you learn how to work around cameras on set and audition skills. As a rule of thumb, learn how to walk by watching YouTube videos and do practice in front of a mirror in your room and your career will be impeccable.
Final thoughtsEveryone aspires to become someone someday. If all you want is to become a model, you should work hard and smart towards achieving your goals. The journey might not be easy but with perseverance, determination and patience, nothing is impossible. The model you admire so much might be the hardest working person on the planet and if you want to emulate them, be yourself, focus on your goals and never allow someone to put you in a dangerous situation to oversee your career because, with passion, you’ll always get what you want.